Beijing Cheng Gong Machinery Technology Research Institute

Beijing Chenggong Mechanical Technology Research Institute is located in the Party School of Fengtai District, Beijing. It is a strong innovative enterprise integrating research, development, production and sales of wall whitewashing machine, mortar coating machine, putty coating machine and grinding machine. Since its setup in 2001, it has set up three production bases in Beijing, Hunan and Shanghai to mainly research, develop and manufacture full-automatic intelligent wall whitewashing machine, pasting machine, mortar coating machine, putty coating machine, grinding machine, excellent machining equipment, perfect technological process and advanced detection means. Excellent and advanced intelligent wall whitewashing machine is well received by vast customers. Over the years, Chenggong has concentrated on research and development of constructional engineering machinery, always stands on the front line of automatic wall whitewashing machine production technology, continuously launches new products according to market demand, offers new generation of wall whitewashing products and continuously leads automatic wall whitewashing machine to innovate. Therefore, Chenggong becomes a well-deserved strong brand in Chinese constructional engineering and automatic wall whitewashing industry.

The new wall whitewashing machine researched and developed by Chenggong in 2002 as a leading product of the enterprise became very popular nationwide after market verification for several years. Through continuous innovation, research and development for over one decade, automatic wall whitewashing machine of Chenggong experienced 10 times of revolutionary improvement successively. Its products are sold well nationwide and even sold in numerous international regions including the Middle East and South Asia.

After the 8th generation of intelligent wall whitewashing machine Chenggong researched and developed stirred again in the industry, perfectly combined intelligent wall whitewashing machine integrating spraying and plastering with automatic feeding was launched in June 2013. Since then, Chinese wall whitewashing machine industry has officially entered the era of integrated wall whitewashing and feeding!

Through development for over one decade, Chenggong has accumulated powerful driving force to advance. In the future, Chenggong will give full play to existing advantages to strive to construct an industry-leading professional and strong enterprise group with the professional company as the subject, technology and industry as the support and regional network as the assistance with outstanding major business, first-class management, international operation system and innovation ability.

Chenggong will achieve another glory as always based on the enterprise tenet of "producing first-class products, providing first-class services and making first-class high-integrity enterprise"!

Beijing Chenggong Mechanical Technology Research Institute has unremittingly pursues core technology based on the market to be the leader and pioneer of full-automatic wall whitewashing machine industry in the past 13 years. Based on the management idea that "quality decides the success or failure; Science and technology decide development; Customers decide the survival", Chenggong sticks to the guideline of industry-university-research-application cooperation, self-discipline and social commitment. Thus, it is regarded as a model by the industry.

The company regards Chenggong brand as the development platform, expands the industry chain in the field of researching, developing, producing, selling and renting intelligent wall whitewashing machine and constructs the most competitive network integrating producing, supplying and selling automatic wall whitewashing machine!
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